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  • Oum Lamitech (P) Ltd. Is a privately owned laminate manufacturing company based in Sonipat Haryana with head office in Delhi. Our company specialized in manufacturing decorative laminates bring one of the finest manufacturers in India. Our company has national & international presence. Our company has best qualitative efforts with super skilled professional’s collaboration.
  • Ours is one such company that has over the time thrived by keenly working on designs & concepts through the realities of the building process. Our product knowledge is paramount in turning ideas into a reality. Our unparallel & trend setting collection of solids, woods & abstract designs & its exclusive & exciting range of textures can meet the requirement of every individual and professionals.
  • The brand OUMLAMITECH is brought to you by OUM PLYTECH Laminates Pvt. Ltd. one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of Decorative & Industrial Laminates in India, which was established in the year 2004 By Mr. Anil Kejriwal
  • Every company wishes to flourish and sustain it’s indigenous value in the market forever. Our’s is one such company that has, over the ages, thrived with this contrivance. Keenly working from design concepts, through the realities of the building process, our product knowledge is peremptory in turning ideas into reality. Our approach is knowledge engendered.

Our unparallel & trend setting collection of Solids, Woods & Abstract designs and its exclusive & exciting Range of Texture Finishes.